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German Artist and oil painter Arndt Tomás

In brief

“Art painting is together with music and literature an important determent in my life”, quotation from Arndt Tomás.

Arndt TomásI spent my youth in Bremen, Germany. My mother Alice Arndt studied art in Munich with professor Schinnerer and in Florence with professor Felice Carena. She could further develope her artistic abilities working in arts studio Hans Buch in Fischerhude. She also worked as designer, art tutor and had her own art painting school. My father Hans Arndt was a studied pianist and worked as a journalist and writer. He was a well known literature and arts critic. His most important work, „Im Visier“ (1959), is one of the most important German language aphorism collections.

My interest in arts is a result of my upbringing – I was raised surrounded by music, literature and arts. My mother taught me the most important aspects of painting: the main techniques as well as everything about colour, light and space. The correct canvas preparation was very important for her (see paintings techniques).

My mother visited Georges Braque in his studio in Paris. This encounter made also myself involved with cubism. I was at Braque’s exhibition in Munich in 1988. His artistic perspective, his picture composition and creative thoroughness have impressed me strongly. Visits to exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Essen, Rom, Amsterdam, and Basel gave me insights into painting styles of Van Gogh, Cézanne, Modigliani and Picasso.

Arndt TomásThe introduction to the art of painting that I received from my mother and my preoccupation with the most important painters of the turn of the twentieth century developed my painting skills in presenting the aesthetic relationship of objects – not only in naturalistic but also in deeper sense.

Creation of a painting is a creative process, which demands ability, artistic courage and intellect. Every brush strike changes the intrinsic quality of the work: it can make it something special or just a mediocrity. Only a painting which has been carefully thought and felt through by painter can become a success.


Study of Medicine and PhD in Hamburg. Further education to specialist for gynaecology in Frauenklinik Finkenau in Hamburg, practicing there as head of department with focus on oncological surgery and “Risikogeburtshilfe”. Pensioner since 2002.

Numerous exhibitions in Akademie für Ärztliche Fortbildung, Frauenklinik Finkenau and General Hospital St. Georg, in Congress Centrum Hamburg and medical practices. His unique oil paintings can be found in Europe, America and partly in Asia.

What the press says about Arndt Tomás (March 2009):

German oil paintings on canvas from Arndt Tomás get around well
In Germany famous, well-known in Europe and at the latest since 2007 also acquainted in America and Asia: Arndt Tomás paints classical oil paintings, still lifes, European impressions with colorful landscapes and multifaceted political compositions that do not mince one’s words. With half a million visitors counting his Art Gallery online he reached a lot of attention all over the globe for his variety and unique artistry style. In February he published his triptych “Global Financial Crisis” in which he attempts to present the world financial crisis in artist’s language.

In the net he presents more than 100 of his oil paintings. Each artwork is protected by an individual Certificate of Authenticity. Thumbs up for his beautiful paintings and unique style on canvas!
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