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General informations and services of Arndt Tomás, Germany

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History of

The first paintings were presented online in 1997. At that time we were able to use a free server for my oil paintings, which meant having advertisement banners on our pages.

In April 2001 my first own domain was registered. Under the web address I combined my artist's name Arndt with the term Atelier meaning art studio in German. There were no more annoying neon lighted ad banners on my pages anymore, which offers the viewer a more undisturbing atmosphere.

Starting 2003, my texts were also being translated into English.

In March 2005 we decided to add another language, Spanish, to our repertoire. The Spanish language as well as Spain itself have played an important role in my life and my name (Arndt Tomás). The country, its cultural atmosphere, its unique natural beauty have had a major influence on my paintings and impressions. Due also to its trilingual features, our web domain has experienced an incredible growth in pageviews and traffic. We could boast about over 5.000 visitors per month. In the months April 2005 and March of 2006, over 50.000 pageviews were registered.

In February 2006 to my original web domain another one was added: It is supposed to stress the special feature that we offer for German speaking people in the world as the name means "interested in Arts". In October I added also for being available easily for English speaking people. Works by Graciela Molina, a Paraguyan painter, are being offered since November 2006 for a one year period. In the same month we made major changes in the layout of my gallery. This step was a logical reaction to the strong growth of interest, the good placement in various search engines and the success of my painting techniques written in German and Spanish (Malpraxis, Curso de Pintura).

In the year 2007 we added several new functions to our art portal: visitors can leave comments at several pages and therefore publish their opinion. Flash-elements were introduced e.g. for voting the introduction in oil painting. All contact forms now allow better spam protection by using mathematical questions and last but not least we decided to offer my newsletter service in English and Spanish as well. A big interest has had my serie about the Elbe philharmonic concert Hall - with permission from the project architects - as well as the publication of the well-known aphorisms from my father Hans Arndt, a German language aphorism collection with the title 'Im Visier' (not translated into English).

In 2008 we added social bookmarks to several pages as well as tag clouds. Numerous photos from paintings have been replaced with higher resolution photos. Our link directory about art has been re-engineered: other artists can sign up their link on my site without external help. Our visitors see their Google PageRank™ as well as featured websites that are highlighted. The web domain has been registered in August as well and will be the main domain from now on.

In 2009 I celebrated a highlight with my publication of the triptych "Yes, we can!" The oil painting shows the main promises of the 44th US-president Barack Obama and the last politic and economic development that lead also to the global financial crisis. In January the Art Portal reached half a million visitors from 200 countries within the last 25 months. "Arndt Tomás hit on a raw nerve of our time with his triptych Global Financial Crisis", as the international press wrote, my unique composition of the three mayor central banks (USA, EU, England) and their attempt to prevent their countries from poverty. I achieved international resonance once again and one can find a video on Youtube about this triptych as well. The same happened with my composition Global Warming – a description of the so called "global catastrophe in our near future" with some consequences by the means of art. BTW: In 2009 I decided to open my own YouTube channel.

In 2010 we changed out newsletter-script and added the new category Provence. Apart from several new landscapes, I wanted to hit once again a raw nerve of our time with my triptych Deepwater Horizon Blowout published in July, causing the largest offshore oil spill in history. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch shows the huge gyre of marine litter in the central North Pacific Ocean. Inspired by Leda and the Swan, a motif from the Greek mythology in which Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan, I decidedd to draw several impressions with women which are published in the new category Nude Paintings. Those oil paintings were introduced in my 18th newsletter in December.

In 2011 I decided to travel in North Africa with Touaregs and there dromedaries through the Sahara. After this extraordinary voyage I decided to paint a series about there life in the desert. In my category Zeitgeist I added the painting Self-Destruction which symbolizes the downfall of the United States of America, Beyond the Peak of the Financial Game, a collage about the debt of Greece and New World Order. This years exhibition I present a variety of my new paintings from October 4th 2011 until January 4th 2012 in Hamburg. If you are interested in visiting my exhibition, please get in contact with me.

2012 several things have been redesigned online and two more videos were added. As the European Crisis is still rising, I decided to draw another oil painting - this time it shows Spain which you find in the category Zeitgeist. During my travel in Spain I also drew five impressions from the landscape at the Costa Blanca; these oil paintings can be found in the category Landscapes Europe.

For classical still lifes were added in 2013. The triptych Operation Secret Garden hast been published in December.

The Triptych Germany’s Next Topmodel: The Whistleblower shows a Snowcat being hunt and was published in May 2014.

I hope that you enjoy my Art Gallery and we are always happy to receive any questions, comments or suggestions from you! Contact

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Should I purchase art online?
It is not quite easy to present works of art online: especially oil paintings need a close and careful contemplation. Thus on my web pages you find paintings on neutral background with soft colours. Every picture thumb can be enlarged to a high resolution by clicking on it. You can return purchased pictures from Arndt Tomás within the first two weeks as far as the delivery is within the European Union.

2. How do I order a painting?
On every page you will find an Imprint/Contact button on the left side in the navigation. There are various online contact forms you can use, also if you have further questions. Feel free to get in touch with me - even if there are questions left.

3. More than one painting appeal to me. What are the delivery costs?
The price for delivery is independent from the number of paintings ordered. It varies depending on whether it is domestic or international as well as the size and weight. Every delivery will be shipped insured.

4. Can oil paintings also be seen as a strategy for an alternative investment?
A statement about investing in art, the challenge of growing currency risk as well as fraudulent falsification of paintings can be read here.

5. Can I order frames too?
Frames are usually not included in the price, however some paintings do have a frame included if it says so right beside it's thumb. Please tell me using a contact form if you wish to have a frame to your painting.

6. What are the web addresses you are currently using?
Currently we have for internet domains:,, and (main domain). The content of the domains is identical.

7. How often do you send your newsletter out?
You will receive my newsletter in irregular time gaps, approx. two times a year, containing an abstract of new informations such as texts or paintings added to my website - and upcoming exhibitions of course.

8. Texts and pictures do not fit the screen width.
If this is the case, then your monitor does not have the standard screen settings or the resolution is lower than 1024 pixel.

9. What are social bookmarks and how do I use them?
Social bookmarking is a method for users to remember their favorite web pages on the Internet. In a social bookmarking system you can save or manage your bookmarks as well as share them with other users.

10. I have my own Art Gallery online. How can I place a link?
You are invited to place your link in the link directory. This service offered is free of charge.

11. Can I advertise my products or services on this website?
Thank you for your trust and interest. Please get in contact with us for further informations.


Find out more about our visitors! Here you find our impressions related to each year and a live statistic that is installed since december 2006.



2015 my Art Gallery had 388.000 pageviews. Starting December 2006 you can see the up-date of visitor statistics here. Please keep in mind that the statistic doesn't list every single click but unique visitors instead.

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I am always at your service for a feedback. You still have some questions? Maybe you have another concern? Go ahead and write me your need. For suggestions, questions, orders or criticism please use the contact forms.

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Press releases

Apart from 2007
Museo-on (Deutsch, English, Español)
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Hamburger Wochenblatt, Nr. 34, 32. Jahrgang (Deutsch)
Hamburg-Magazin (Deutsch) (Deutsch) (Deutsch)

OpenPR (Deutsch)
Hamburger Ärzteblatt, April 2008 (Deutsch)
Magazin der Metropolregion Hamburg 2/2008 (Deutsch) (Deutsch) (English) (Deutsch) (Italiano) (English) (Deutsch)

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